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Joana Madia

About Joana:

Joana worked for 12 years as a marketing executive at important multinationals companies like Seara, Santista, Bunge, Whirlpool, Savencia Fromage & Dairy and Madia Mundo Marketing, a Brazilian marketing consultancy where Joana started her career. After this experience as a marketing executive, she took a sabbatical year living in Boston, USA. She improved her English, studying Project Management at Boston University and some courses in different areas of activity such as Fashion Accessory Design - School of Fashion Design, a very important step on her career transition. She created her own jewelry brand in 2005 - subject that she loved since she was a child. Due of the large emotional demanding from her clients during the process of creating a unique jewelry, Joana decided to improve her skills and graduated in 2016, as International Ontological Coach at Newfield Network, Chile. The passion and ability in this other segment motivated Joana to include a new business activity in her company. She became an Executive Coach integrating all her skills, assisting executives in the corporative world, where she first began her career.

My certifications:

  • Busineess - PUC

  • Project Manager - Boston University 

  • Fashion Accessory Design - School of Fashion Design

  • Coaching Ontológico - Newfield Network, Chile 

  • Systemic Constellation

Something you may not have expected in a Bio:

Joana has a daughter, Vivi, who is 16 and a son Gabriel, who is 13. She loves everything that provides human transformation and growth. Always challenging herself to be a better person. She also loves to spend time with her family, friends, travel, cook, practice sports, work and learn about different subjects.

Spirituality is an important pillar that feeds her soul and maintains her well-being, since she was a teenager.

Loyalty, transparency, authenticity and coherence are her strong characteristics.

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