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Patricia Brito

About Patricia:

As a coach and facilitator, I connect easily with individuals and groups and bring passion to my work to challenge the status quo. My focus is to design and facilitate implementation of programs that increase awareness, engagement and generate sustainable business results, assuring that healthy organizations will thrive.

 My formal education includes a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and an Executive MBA, further enriched with Six Sigma MBB, Ontological Coaching and Transformational Facilitator certificates. Additionally, I bring to my work 25 years of corporate experience in multinational companies leading multi-cultural teams and global projects.     

Clients refer to me as someone who is motivated and courageous, and who can make the difference through seamlessly combining hard and soft skills.

My certifications:

  • Onthological Coaching - Newfield Network – Chile

  • Transformational Facilitator (certified pela McKinsey&Co)

  • Liderança realizadora (LUMO).

  • Online Facilitation and Liberating Structures (Aprendix) 

  • Culture Hacking (Target Teal)

  • Foundations on Generative Leadership and Listening to Bodies - Institute of Generative Leadership

  • Cynefin - COGNITIVE Edge

  • MBTI

  • Executive MBA (Fundação Dom Cabral).

  • Lean Practioner and 6 Sigma & Production Systems Master Black Belt

  • Chemical Engineer (UFBA)

Something you may not have expected in a Bio:

My free time is most appreciated when I spend time with my husband Ricardo and 7 year old daughter Maria.

I love the beach and to travel and experience / learn different cultures and languages. I speak Portuguese (native), Spanish (fluent), English (fluent). 

I practice outdoor sports: jogging and hiking, and also a big squash fan and study French, singing and classical guitar, and consider myself a learner

I believe that leading transformation requires the combining Passion and Humility to continuously learn.

How do I work? COURAGE (that means acting by the heart)

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